Take Part in the Survey and Win a Capsule II

Community Description:

Greetings Nebula Fans!

We’re currently working on a top secret new project, and we need you, our dedicated community members, to help give us some insight.

We’d appreciate it if you would complete this survey to give us some insight into how people decorate their rooms. When you complete the survey, you’ll be in with a chance to win a Nebula Capsule II. We will randomly select 1 winner once we’ve received 150 responses.

Just click here start the survey.

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Winner Announcement

Thank you all for participating in this survey and we appreciate the responses of each question you provided for us.

The lucky winner is:


Congratulations! The prize shipping delivery email will be sent within 2 weeks. Stay tuned for the next round of the survey!


Survey completed…:+1::wink:

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Survey completed (though some of the questions were subjective and a tad weird)…got to have a mess with a family members Capsule gen 1 so having access to a gen 2 would be welcome :wink: :grin:


Done. Thanks for the chance.
I’d paint my walls whatever colour you want for one of these :wink:


Done :heart_eyes:

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Finished! Didn’t know what the Nebula was before but it looks darn cool, good luck everyone :smile:

Thanks anker! I just filled out the survey!

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Just filled out the survey, thanks Anker

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completed :grin:

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That’s exciting, Survey completed. Thanks @AnkerOfficial

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Some questions were rather interesting but I’m really loving these survey give always! Thanks anker!


@AnkerOfficial Submitted. A projector that can project up the ceiling and on walls would be interesting :slight_smile:

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Survey Complete! :slight_smile:

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Survey completed and fingers crossed :grin:


ooOOoohhhh very interesting. I like top secret :slight_smile:

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Completed. Definitely light-years ahead of the competition!

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Excited to see what you’re innovating, @AnkerOfficial! I have no doubt it will be anything short of amazing as usual :heart_eyes:

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Completed it :heavy_check_mark:

What an awesome opportunity! good luck everyone☘️