Spread the Word and Win a eufyCam Worth $400

Why you gotta be negative Nancy? If the camera is mounted right you wouldn’t have to worry about it being stolen

If you’re always negative, then you won’t be hurt when something bad happens (I know that’s a horrible way to look at it).

I was talking about when it gets delivered…

Shared and excited. I would love to see how this matches up to my Arlo Pro 2’s that I currently have. My wife has been wanting to add an additional 1-2 for outside for the dog and when it gets nicer out for recording my kids in the backyard from a vantage point. Plus, I may be able to find out where the pesky chipmunk that is taking my tulip bulbs is running off to…

Shared on my Tweeter feed :slight_smile:

Done! :smiley:
Good luck everyone :four_leaf_clover:

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Shared on Twitter & Facebook :slight_smile:

Like most (& if lucky to be selected), the cameras would be for front & rear coverage of my house…not to mention a possible learning & support experience :blush:


Yeah, that would be nice :+1:

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why thank you @AnkerOfficial this would be a great prize to win. I will share the post and share the pictures once I am back at home.


I already have these for over 6 months, great quality product and battery life is outstanding. Would like to add more to expand my current system and extra coverage in the backyard and driveway which is not possible with just 2 cams that I own right now.

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Thanks Anker! Keep rockin’!

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Thank you for the opportunity I would love to put this outside the house as I would feel much safer

Also I keep getting someone Flytipping where I live, I have managed to get some signs up and fake CCTV cameras but I would love to replace them for some working ones


You need to hire a crew for taking care about what will be watched! :joy:


I trust eufy for that @Chiquinho all the data is encrypted :nerd:

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Encryption needs decryption.
Algorithms can do a lot.

Bleechley park is not needed nowadays. :grin:

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Thanks for this. I would use this to replace my budget Wyze cams for the front and back yard.

Not really for me

Good luck to all

@MacBlank you can always set one up to track your packages and see if it who stole them

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My wife hardly sleeps anymore worrying about people outside our house (refuses to buy security cams herself which I find odd…), so these would definitely be used to give here piece of mind.

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Done and done.

Would love the added security outside my house