Spread the Word and Win a eufyCam Worth $400

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All my ANKER packages need supervision!

It’s so sad that we all need to monitor and watch our packages as they may get stolen. People are just messed up steeling other people’s things

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No kidding. I’m in a better place than most (knocks on wood) I have yet to have a package stolen. My city is quite safe and has a really low property crime rate. I also have 7 fierce chickens guarding my house


We have Amazon Hubs and Lockers available for most / all deliveries… These are the best when you expect something important…

Though it’s a tough call for homeowners… Security cams are the only options!

I plan to place the eufyCam on my front porch for monitoring when away from home during vacations. Another option would be placement on my back deck since extra security is always a big bonus for the fam!

Much appreciated. Everybody’s gotta’ love having “guard chickens”. Apparently a security Camera isn’t so necessary after all!

Thanks for this terrific opportunity to add additional security to our home.

I’ve seen such great reviews about the eufyCam!

again, it all depends on the neighborhood you live in… I never had that issue (thank god) where I live, I heard this going around some places near by.

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As I am mostly at home and have always a tip in my pocket, the post fellow is quite a friend.
But even I am not at home, things would not get stolen.

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The packages in most cases get stolen after they are delivered and when you are not at home, trust me people are watching you and every moment.

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tomorrow is last day to apply

Not here. All my neighbors are friends. They will NEVER touch private things from others.
And as we are retired, wer are mostly at home, when a parcel is announced by DHL.

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I would definitely like to use this in my Garage! Now that Amazon does in garage delivery, having the ability to monitor the deliveries would be perfect as I’m currently using a wired camera that can barely see the delivery driver!

Shared! So excited for the opportunity. I would use the cams to watch over our driveway and front entrance!

I would love to keep an eye on my car at all times! :innocent:

Tweeted! https://twitter.com/IWGBTP/status/1131712942062358528

Would like the chance to win thanks @AnkerOfficial

For security for my children and me at our home

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@Russ1 you’re a day late, the competition ended yesterday buddy

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