Spread the Word and Win a eufyCam Worth $400

I would love to put one on top beside the front door to find out if packages arrived or not and then I will put the other one in the garage as a security, since there are lots of times leaving the garage door open.

Noticed on the screenshots above that few people shared this event on Facebook but the privacy of the post is set to only them to see :joy: what’s the point

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Hello, this is my twiiter post


Love to test one to keep an eye on our puppy when we are not home… Thanks

Now comes to the question to verify the identity of the social account, who is going to do that?

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Mr. Zuckerzwerg (sic) by itself! :joy::joy:

Been looking at expanding a current 2 camera system, but also considering newer options. Would love to be able to compare. I need to cover a driveway, porch and now backyard. Daytime and night time.

It’s perfect for my house to keep it secure

Dont think Anker Team has the Public handles or account names who posted this since, this does not go through an application system where you link your social profiles, so will be a tough challenge to verify each and every social post. This is tough but not impossible.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical are smart to scan these posts :wink: they will find means and ways to confirm which ones are legitimate

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I have to believe they do :grin:

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thats just what an imposter would say :joy:

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I would use this inside of the home when we have a babysitter coming over. You can never be too safe these days especially when you have children.

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Hello everyone I’m new to the community and I was refered by a friend. Really interested in getting to know you all.
And if I win this event it would be my first product from this company and I would use it to put in my new house, me and my partner just bought our first house!! :house_with_garden:


Congrats on your first house @joaninhacanais and welcome to the community!

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Would love to win. Need a camera for monitoring my property. I’m disabled and We’ve had numerous break ins and things stolen on our street. Would be a great addition and piece of mind to have cameras on the property to monitor and catch any thieves.

I saw this contest on a friends facebook and I couldn’t resist and join. I had his help setting everything as I’m not good with this stuff


Glad you got it figured out! Good luck in the contest!

I would use this cam to keep an eye on my front yard and my backyard. I shared the original post on Facebook.

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Welcome! Happy to have a new faces around here. Congrats on your new house too!