Splitting Webcam on two machines

I have the excellent Anker Webcam which I have been using on my mac and is excellent. I now have a second computer from my client - is there any way to share the single webcam on both computers. I have an HDMI splitter to share my monitor but cannot find a splitter for my webcam. Two computers 1 webcam.

Any help??

Interesting question.
I am sure it is possible, but it depends on the type and model of the splitter.
Research has to be done. :grinning:
May be there is a software solution as well

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How about this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Plugable-Sharing-One-Button-Swapping-Computers/dp/B00JX3Q28Y/ref=sr_1_18?keywords=usb+c+sharing+switch&qid=1636839857&qsid=257-0297268-9887435&s=computers&sr=1-18&sres=B07XQLY5JK%2CB08H7YKJFT%2CB09954YZQ8%2CB07Y2HKN37%2CB07WMG6LB7%2CB01N6GD9JO%2CB08ZY3SDC1%2CB07ZK36RBJ%2CB074TYDJK2%2CB08PCGRR8Y%2CB08MBXMZLV%2CB098396WVJ%2CB00JX3Q28Y%2CB01CU4QCRS%2CB07MNZ1FVS%2CB092Q42VPS%2CB08F42NXGC%2CB01D5XVO62%2CB07ZKG1KYN%2CB08CZH6MQL&srpt=ELECTRONIC_SWITCH