Soundcore Trance Go - Now available on for $99.99

Soundcore Trance Go - Now available on for $99.99

Soundcore Trance Go

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Captivating Sound

An oversized tweeter and woofer produce up to 98dB of rich sound to pump up the party atmosphere in your space.

Power Multiple Parties On a Single Charge

24 hours of non-stop playtime gives you the freedom to soundtrack multiple events without needing to recharge your party speaker.

IPX7 Waterproof

A fully waterproof casing defends Trance Go party speaker against liquids—including total submersion in water.|

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Charge While You Play

Use the built-in USB port to conveniently charge your devices, even when you’re outdoors and there’s no power outlets to be found.

Flexible Handle

With its lightweight build and flexible handle, Trance Go is easy to pick up and move to wherever the party takes you.

Dual Phone Connection

Connect 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time to switch between playlists and mix up the sound.|

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A tailored Outdoor EQ mode, compact build, and huge volume adds instant party atmosphere to your pre-game party.

Pool Party

Place Trance Go by the poolside and party without worrying about spills and splashes.

Family Gatherings

Set up your party speaker inside your house or out in your backyard and blast out family favorites to get everyone dancing.|

Thanks to @matthew2ndson from Soundcore Collective

More details on Trance Go is here on Soundcore Collective


Hope we will ever get a chance to get a hand on this nice speaker here over the pond.

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@Shenoy Nice of you to put it here for more eyes to see, I tend to forget there’s this whole community over here too :rofl:

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may be a “We Love Testing” event :wink:

@matthew2ndson thanks to you for your finding,

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Nice speaker for when you want great sound and an affordable price

I’m a little too lazy to check all the specifics but this is the same as Rave Neo without the light ring correct? Just asking now because we have more details now

yes, that is correct

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Might as well rename it to Rave Neo then. Have 2 variants: 1 with ring, 1 without and a little discount over with ring

Great battery life on that @Shenoy

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Nice speaker and perfect timing :+1:

Would be interesting to “hear” what this does.

I think winter is going to be more of an outdoors thing than a normal year.

Thick coat, warm shoes and some rain-loving speakers would be a good preparation.

I will stay in my cave!
Today heavy rains, so no flea market today.
So I will do some cooking and control the paintermen in the 1. first floor.


The UK is struggling with the you-know-what, the science is struggling through lack of quality data, they know a total lockdown worked but which part of it was the best part is just guesswork, but a hint is the UK will basically ban all indoor gatherings.

I have the Motion+ and very warm clothes intended for camping I can use for visiting pubs, friends, family over the next months.

I’m getting these in sale for operating tablet from the “restaurant”


We should learn from Finland.


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There are outdoor and indoor Neanderthals!

Old chief @chiquinho has to care about the women and kids in the cave while young warrior @professor is hunting for mammoths meanwhile.
Perfect wrapped and packed in his special furs! :laughing:

My wife took my Motion Q so I’ve been using the Boost almost everywhere I want music and no earbuds. Sadly the battery won’t hold a charge. I have to keep a powerbank pulled into to keep it alive.

This might be a good option.

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Like those mittens.
I used to use something similar when i used to fish @professor


This speaker or the rave would be fantastic out at my campsite

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