Soundcore Q20 - Big Sur does not seem to like them. Codec issues maybe?

I have Q20’s that I used for ever with High Sierra. With Big Sur they only work right if I have the “Sound Input” preference pane open. Once I close it all my sound starts to clip like crazy.

I tried 3 other bluetooth devices and they all work fine.

I’m thinking it might have something to do with the bluetooth codec but

  1. I don’t know much about bluetooth codecs
  2. Apple changes it’s interface to bluetooth codecs with Big Sur. (Removed Bluetooth explorer from Xcode 12)


Wondering if @Shivam_Shah meant to post this reply here

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Nah I didn’t read this thread completely yet so not something I wanted to post here. Though if it works, hey cool with me :joy:

Hi @Jeff_MacDonald you can download Xcode 10 tools (10.2 if I remember correctly) to use the Bluetooth Explorer app. Had to do the same to change my codecs to aptx to reduce video lag with a few earbuds and speakers.