SoundCore Pro +

even with my paired phone, the blue bluetooth connection light keeps flashing (pairing mode). and with that, even with the box active, it hangs up minutes later.
how can I solve it?

You say you can pair it to a device and it gets paired?
Only the blue bt indicator keeps flashing instead of getting steady.
Thats the whole issue?

I would try a reset of the speaker!
You might find the “howto” here or at Google.

no, the main problem is that even the box in use, it shuts down on its own

Are you sure you removed the speaker from all other devices by removing it from the bt list.
Do this and connect it to only one bt source.

Have you tried a reset?

How can I give Resert?

Search by Google, please.
Normally by pressin two buttons simultaneously for some seconds,

I dont own this speaker model, sorry.

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Is it working now?

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