Soundcore | Our Biggest Deals So Far This Year (UK & DE)

Hi Anker Fans,

This October, we’re holding our biggest sale of 2020 (so far) on the UK and German Soundcore websites! Maybe you need a gift for a music-loving friend or relative? Or perhaps you want to upgrade your own setup? Head over to the deals page now to check out what’s on on offer now:

UK Website:

German Website:


Nice savings @AnkerOfficial :+1:

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Nice savings, but will they be available in the US too?


The USA gets more than its fair share of discounts. Patience. These are hint as to what Anker is willing to do at current stock levels.

Be ready to buy swiftly, if its a substantive discount, like say 50% I’ve seen it go from 0% claimed to gone in < 2 hours in previous years. They hold only so much stock so even if Anker says its available for a given period of time, it can still sell out quickly.

I think your chances are good, if you use same 28% discount in USA as in UK then it is $42.99. The lowest price USA has seen has been $40, so that gives you a hint as the likely outcome, around $40. It’s possible for a 50% to make it $30 but probability is low and you’d have to act fast.

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Many deals in earbuds (DE).
Some in speakers.

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great savings! :ok_hand:

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Lots of discounts :ok_hand: thanks @AnkerOfficial :+1:

Here is the link for CA Deals:

PS: This includes all Anker deals.

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Great deals for our friends in those countries

Thanks @Ice1 you getting anything this time around?

Had eye on atom powerport but missed the really good price ~$44