Soundcore Motion+ TWS issues

according to this test from late 2019: the Motion+ does not use the custom EQ on both speakers if you connect them via TWS. The slave speaker always uses the Bass Up EQ, no matter what EQ is set on the master speaker.
Are there any news on this issue? Is it fixed already?

Before I buy a second Motion+ I would like to know if it is now possible to use custom EQ on BOTH speakers when connected via TWS?

There is no reason to use the app.
You can find other eq added to a good player. :wink:
I use two FLAREs in stereo mode there is no such issue (But I am using no app)
When I turn on the Bass up on the first the other does as well.
Same is when turning off.

Sorry, but that’s not an answer to my question.
There are many many reasons to use the app. Most importantly because the app saves the custom EQ directly to the speaker, so it will use it with EVERY bluetooth device connected to it (and I have a lot). And many other reasons…
BTW, Bass Up sounds just horrible and I would never ever use a speaker that sounds that crappy. But I admit that this depends on the music style and it might be OK for Dance/Techno etc.

The only thing I want to know @Anker Support is if the issue with TWS and custom EQ is fixed already? And what happens if I change the custom EQ while connected to TWS? Will BOTH speakers use it or just the master speaker?

I alter the eq settings depending to the quality of recording or type of the music.
So I am happy to use eq of the player.

This are the settings I use for classical music. (TWS)


But keep your settings if you are satisfied! :grinning:

Thanks for your answer, but my device’s EQ will definetely stay turned off. I’m using it with my Hifi Amp and my Soundbar as well, and those speakers only have good sound with a pure flat signal. I don’t want to change my phone’s EQ every time I connect to a different device, that’s crazy. That’s why Anker has this great app to save the EQ directly to the speaker.

But I need to know if the TWS stereo bug with custom EQ is fixed by now??

I bought a second Motion+ to test it and the bug is still there! When using TWS the slave speaker does NOT use the custom EQ of the master speaker. When you change custom the EQ in TWS mode, only the master speaker uses the new settings. The slave speaker doesn’t use the new settings and continue to use its own custom EQ.

Anker support: Please fix this bug! Let the slave speaker use the custom EQ of the master speaker when connected to TWS.
And please add an option to save custom EQs in the app so that users save and load multiple custom EQ settings.