Soundcore Motion+ BassUp Button mapping

Currently the toggle Button for Bass Up on the Soundcore Motion+ only offers you to switch from the Bass Up equalizer preset to the flat one and vice versa. This is already convenient for switching from music to podcasts. The biggest downside to this is the necessity to use the soundcore app everytime to switch back to the user-customized equalizer preset. This almost kills the option to set up an individual equalizer.

People not knowing the speaker think it could provide more bass as the Bass Up button is not glowing with the Individual Equalizer set up although in my case the individual one offers a much better bass experience. They turn it on, not knowing the settings and the sound goes flatter again. If another phone is connected you need to disconnect, connect your own one and then set it back to customized eq. This hassle is almost not worth it in some cases.

Outside in the park or at the beach the connected phone stays in a backpack for safety reasons and you don’t want to grab it for switching the modes because of wet/salty/sandy hands.

It would be a huge advantage to get the option for mapping two equalizer settings to the Bass Up button to make it possible to switch between e.g. the customized equalizer and the flat one. This provides a much better usability for connecting different phones to the speaker as they don’t need the soundcore app for this basic operation.