SoundCore mini not playing mp3 files on SD card

Are there specific requirements for the mp3 files for the SoundCore mini?

I have tried with both some old 128kbps and some newer ones with higher bitrates, but none of them play.

I have formatted the 32GB card with FAT32 which seems to work for other people. I have tried to put them directly in the root or the card and into folders without success.

When I plug in the card while playing via Bluetooth, it pauses playback briefly, plays a chime and then resumes Bluetooth play. This seems like it scans the card for files, gives up and goes back to Bluetooth.

Any suggestions of what to try next?


Have you tried pressing the mode button to select/cycle through to SD card playback?

Also the max bitrate for playback is 160kbps from what I can recall, so keeping your test files at this or below would be recommended.

Thanks for your reply.

I have tried the mode button. It basically just goes back and forth between Bluetooth mode and FM.

I will have a look for some 160kbps files to try.

Normally it doesnt matter what bitrate is used.
But how ever knows. :laughing:
Give it a try.
May be you should try another card as well.

Have you tried formatting the card as exFAT as a test?

You might need a different speaker

I tried another card I had and it worked!
The one that didn’t work was a 16GB Kingston and the one that did was a 64GB Samsung Evo FWIIW.
Tanks for the tip!

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First I tried with another card that happened to come formatted as exFAT and that worked.
I then tried formatting the original card as exFAT instead of FAT32 as it was - didn’t make any difference.
Guess the Anker just doesn’t like that Kingston card.

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Good you found a resolution.
Who ever knows why this card don’t work with the speaker.
If it works with other devices don’t try to find out why.
Those are the well known miracles of hard- and software. :rofl: