Soundcore Life Q20 Noise Cancellation wont

My Soundcore Q20 is like, stuck? glitched?
It turns on conncects to bluetooth and volume buttons work but NC button doesnt work, ANC doesnt become active. Also it wont turn off with the button i have to either plug in usb or aux then it turns off…
I tried the vol up and power button while charging it wont reset nothing happens
also tried pressing all buttons together for 30sec then power button again nothing,
I havent used them in a while then i went on a trip and noticed the issue on the place, when i needed ANC the most… anyway if there is no other solution maybe i send it in for repair? It is still under warranty but would really appriciate if there is a easy fix because i really would like to use NC on the flight back…

Thanks everyone…

Seems like youbtried to troubleshoot it, so just contact support so they can send you another Q20

Sounds like the AUX socket is stuck. Push in an AUX cable and out a few times.

I wouldn’t do any “repairs” because they are still under warranty.
You should contact the support.
I am sure they will tell you what to do.