Soundcore life q20 keeps turning off

I purchased an Q20 and liked them very much. However, it would randomly turn off. Sometimes it would stay on for an hour and other times for just a few minutes. I liked them and so I got a replacement pair. When I got the new pair, they worked the first day when I used them for about 30 minutes. The second day, they worked for about an hour before they turned off like the first pair. After turning them on again, they worked for about 5 minutes before turning off. Any thoughts on what this might be?


Very odd @David_Welch1
The problem points to something other than the headphones.
Have you tried a different cable?
Also maybe try a different charger after that.
Doing the above may identify the problem as it sound like the headphones are only getting a partial charge.


I have had my soundcore life q20s since the summer (2020) and have exactly the same issue. I have noted that the issue seems to happen when i am on my work tablet. I have connected the earphones to my personal computer and seem to have no issues with them turning off, so it points to something in the connection between my work tablet and my earphones. The battery power is not an issue because the battert is high. Looking for a solution as well.

Unfortunately I don’t have the Q20 but my advice would be to contact support

I have the exact same problem. Anker said must be a faulty unit and I returned and ordered another one. But the second unit does the same thing.

I wonder if its because I have paired the anker to more than one device, and that is causing an issue. But anker support said pairing to multiple devices should not be an issue and should not cause it to shut off.

Did you ever find a solution? I have multiple headphones and no other does this

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Pairing with two Android isn’t bad but if you pair with Android and another say Windows then they fight.

Pick one device and use only with one device.

Delete all pairings. Turn off all Bluetooth devices.

Reset the headphones.

Pair with just one device.

I have the same problem. When I got these I paired them to my android phone and they work fine, no problems. I then paired to my windows computer. They started to turn off immediately after announcing the battery status (high/fully charged). I disabled bluetooth on my phone and “forgot” the connection. I still had the issue. So I unpaired from my computer and back to my phone. They headphones work fine. They just aren’t compatible with my windows laptop. Would love to hear if there are any solutions. This is really disappointing.

Do not know if this will help as additional info may be needed but from the soundcore community, there are several people having issues with their pc. Several of the issue has been resolved by updating the Bluetooth driver. (Will have to also mention one or two person stated that they were able to get it to work when they did the generic BT driver.)

My headset turns off on its own (when connected to Android Phone via bluetooth)

It also turns on by itself suddenly.

Any idea how to solve this?

That combination implies the power button is stuck.

Search for safe cleaning techniques.

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Weird issue, get it exchanged

I received a set for Christmas and mine are turning off after 10 or so minutes by themselves. I have disconnected them from all devices except for the one I’m using. Seems to be an issue with both my PC and when connected to an iPhone so it’s clearly not a bluetooth driver issue but rather a SoundCore device issue.

Windows 10 doesn’t like sharing with anything else. Different profiles.