Soundcore life p2 - Very quiet

We’ve had these Bluetooth headphones for a few months and been good but now the sound is really low, despite being max volume on phone. The headphones don’t have their own volume control.

  • tried another phone, still quiet
  • tried phone to other Bluetooth speaker - sound loud
  • repaired and reset headphones
  • tried updates to phone, max android version supported
  • cleaned headphones

I don’t know what to do now…

If you use Android you can change to developer’s mode.

How to access developer options in Android

Go to Settings > About Phone.
Tap Software Info > Build Number.
Tap Build Number seven times. ...
Go back to the Settings pane, where you will now find Developer options as an entry.

There is you can change the volume.
More “how to do” -> Google.

But be careful