Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Just over a week ago Anker sent me a sample of the Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds after being selected for the We Love Testing Program. I have to give a big thank you to @AnkerOfficial for selecting me.

If this all you read, then you need to these are now my favorite True Wireless Earbuds and carry them with me everywhere I go. They sound good, feel good in my ears, and have a long battery life. I highly recommend getting pair of these if you are looking to spend less than a $100 on a pair of true wireless ear buds.

You can find the complete review and more pictures on my personal site. This is summary of the review. I did try and cut it down, but I would cut out to much of the import parts of the reviews.

First Impresisons

The Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds comes in their new standard blue and lite blue box with pictures of the earbuds. Everything inside is secured and displayed in a way that as you open the box you get to see the case. Sadly, Soundcore opted to stop using their more eco friendly cardboard products and use plastic shell system. In my opinion it looks cheap.

I do find it difficult to one hand open and pull the buds from the case. The magnets are strong and at times its difficult to get my fingers underneath the buds to pick them up.

The Fit

The Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds come with a handful of different sizes and shapes earpads. To get the best the sound quality, you need to find the right fit. Once you have the right fit, insert the earbuds in with the microphone facing the lower jaw. Once in place, twist the earbuds towards your mouth. This will ensure the best sound and clarity when making sounds. After testing Soundcore’s suggestion, I found that the earbuds fit better, sound quality is better, and my voice is was clearer (I never got complaints)


Connecting is easy. I pulled both earbuds out and put them in my ears. Then I opened connections and found the Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds and connected. Once connected I received the connected announcement for both earbuds. Each time I pull the earbuds out they connected instantly. I start with the right one and it connects and makes an announcement. Then I pull the left one out and it connects and announces connection.

The connection is strong. I rarely had issues with Bluetooth interference from nearby devices. During distance tests I was able to go more than 30 feet inside when the signal was passing through walls and outside over a 100 feet.


The battery life and the extra large case is great. With the limited amount for testing time I wasn’t able completely test the features. But I do love the amount of play back time I get compared to my Liberty Airs.

The manual isn’t very helpful. But from what I can tell status lights on the earbuds are steady white when active. Then turns red for a second when powering off. The white light turns off when the earbuds hit 10% charge. As to the case. the white light is steady while charging, and off when fully charged. However, my earbuds lights turn off after connecting and turn back on to white when charging. If the earbuds are paired but not doing anything they flash white every few seconds. The case is off until its charging. I’m still testing this feature.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is good across most genres. Its not perfect but a lot better than most earbuds I’ve tested in the past. I loaded up my play listen for several hours and the sound quality only got better. Over the last week I’ve listen to rock, rap, pop, metal, country, southern rock, blues, bluegrass and outlaw country music and at the time of reviewing this product it all sounds good. The mids and highs are where they should be and the bass sounds good and a lot better than a lot of the earbuds in this price range that I have tested.

Environmental Tests

I used the earbuds walking around the store, while working on my computer, at the gym, and doing yard work. I can easily wear these for hours and not have an issue. When I’m walking or running they stay in just fine, but I find that these block out a lot of back ground noise, so to keep awareness to my environment I turn them down and don’t fully seat the earbuds in my ear canal.

At the gym, they do a good job at blocking out gym chatter and the junk they play on the radio. I still hear the music from their radio but its blocked out my earbuds enough or I can turn the sound up a little to get rid of it. I’ve sweated on them and they been pretty wet after a hard workout. I simply wipe them down and put them away. No issues so far.


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