Soundcore Life P2 great earphones!

Purchased these bad boys, i was hesitant at first as i’ve always had problems with these canal style earbuds slipping out because i have oily ears. I have been using the apple earpods for the past couple months. so i’ll be referencing those when i compare the audio quality. From my experience in the past, i believed that the smaller earbuds fit best as i could stick the earphone in as far as possible. for these I didn’t feel that was the case. I ended up using the earbuds that were already on the earphones. The earbuds are very lightweight and I had no issues with the earbuds falling out. even with me shaking my head around. the way anker decided to place the buttons on the side of the earbuds are perfect. they are in the right location to when you press the button, you are not pressing it to move the positioning of the earbuds in your ears. the design of the earbud holder/charger is very solid. the design truly reminds me of the samsung galaxy buds container. the sound quality of the buds are quite comparable to the apple airpods, just that i noticed these had alittle bit more bass than the airpods had (probably because of the style of earbuds they are)


Hey @Kevinthien
Great first post :+1:t2:
These earbuds are well rated and glad you liked them too and the fit was good.

Nice first review buddy! Welcome to the community. :ok_hand:t2: