Soundcore LIfe Note Won't Enter Pairing Mode

I’d always wanted to try ear buds without any kind of head wrap or cord, so I bought the SoundCore Life Note ear buds and honestly, I wouldn’t recommend these things to my worst enemy.

Problem one: suddenly they decided to pair only one ear bud at a time. Most devices will only allow one bluetooth audio device, so I basically got to pick which ear I wanted to be deaf in.

Solution: Place in case and press button for 3 seconds (until lights turn red and blink. This resets the ear buds so they pair to each other. Batteries last for 9 hours, so I left the case at home. Thanks, guys.

Current problem: They will no longer enter pairing mode when removed from the case. Wasted my entire lunch break trying to fix this to no avail.

I have never had so many problems with a pair of head phones before. I understand that unlike a normal pair of head phones connected by wire, they need some other means of communicating, but this should have been a background process, not something end users could mistakenly mess up.

  • typically these problems trace back to the reset not working and these then trace back to the case not sending the reset.
  • the case needs to be charged to send reset instructions and plenty of things can interfere, so we eliminate.
  • check the port of the case, no sign of debris
  • try different charging cable, ideally one you’ve proven works good on something else (e.g. phone)
  • try different charger, ideally proven…
  • use a wall socket you’ve verified is working
  • plug the case in to power overnight.
  • leave the power into the case
  • delete all pairings
  • turn off the bluetooth off anything paired
  • reboot everything ever paired (and keep their bluetooth off, these helps ensure nothing is still connected so buds will be force into pairing mode if the reset didn’t work)
  • perform the buds reset instructions.
  • turn on bluetooth of just one device (e.g. phone)
  • see if works now for pairing.

Nothing works. Beyond the return period. I’m going to fix them with a hammer and buy someone else’s headphones. :rage:

Having a similar problem. Cannot get the earbuds to pair, or reset. Now the case only shows two lights. Have uninstalled, reinstalled app, and another thing or two, but havent deleted all other bluetooth devices. My word, thats a lot of work just to connect the earbuds. Have already lost a couple hours to this darn situation. Actually, more. Sheesh…