Soundcore Life Dot 2

The ‘red’ light on the case keeps blinking even when it’s connected to the charger with right bud blinking slowly then going off and left one blinking fast then going off in the case.

Whenever I plug in, it says battery low. Very frustrating to not being able to find any support on this. Left it the WHOLE day in hopes of it being charged - still the same.

Reset a couple of times, seems like that feature hardly resets anything. Attached gif might help you to understand the situation.

How long ago did you buy this? If it is still under warranty definitely get it exchanged. Contact support either way

Try charging it with a different cable and wall plug, also make sure to keep the case lid closed when charginb

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See the reply on the duplicate thread you made

Same as Tank says above

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I was just having that same issue and I found out what worked for me, take the earbuds out of the case and then plug the case in to charge and still using OEM cable and adapter charging just fine same with laptop. That got rid of the annoying blinking and charging issue. I assume the case battery is too drained and the earbuds are bogging the charge, to much for it to handle until the case has the normal memory capacity or at least 20 - 25 minutes should do it. After that try inserting the earbuds in the case and charging should be normal again. Sorry if this isn’t helpful for some but again it worked for me and thought I would share it.

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I hope this can help others out :+1:

Worked for me. Thanks

Worked for me…
Take the buds out and charge the case for 30mins or however amount of charge is needed
Then place buds back in case…
Cheers bud (pun intended)