Soundcore Life Dot 2 Review - Asura

Hi friends thanks for tuning in,

So I saw these headphones from the Anker community and just found out that they were just released on Amazon UK. So I had to buy these true wireless earphones (yes unfortunately I couldnt get a free pair )
But I had an amazing experience with the Soundcore Life P2 so I thought why not try these out and it turns out that these are way better.

The sound quality is amazing and what I really like is the amount of bass which is just perfect and gives a nice kick to all your thumping music which is great. They also block some of the outside noise which is great for those commutes by bike or train. I personally use them on while riding my bike. As you can see in the picture, the fit is absolute perfect and cause no discomfort at all for long hours which is something the life P2 did. They were quite uncomfortable after long periods of use.

The build quality on both the case and the earbuds are great and they seem to be quite durable small impacts here and there. The case also has a premium weight and feel to it which is great. The life p2 failed , because the case was very light and the exterior was also easily scratched ,but this seems to be doing just fine.
Also appreciate the USB type c port allowing me to use one charger for everything which is super convenient.

Can we just take a minute to appreciating the freaaking 100hr battery life ? … absolute life saver right there !

Some improvements I would give would be to add touch sensitive buttons as for these I need to press a physical button which wedges the earbuds more into my ear which can feel uncomfortable at times.

Other than that these are a great pair of tws earbuds. Im definitely using these as my daily headphones for commutes, cycling and working.

I’m working on a video review which should be out on my channel soon.

Thanks friends.


Great review @arushan12 and glad there was a noticeable difference between the two models especially as the price of each are quite similar.
I also prefer the design of the Dot 2 over the longer more traditional design of the P2’s.

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Thank you and yes I agree totally.

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Great review :clap:
I love the design and the huge battery life as well! Soundcore really nailed it with this earbuds especially for the price. I would agree that they should have touch controls instead of buttons unless the button press isn’t too hard that you jam the earbuds deeper into your ears.
Enjoy your earbuds!


Maybe the touch sensitive button is more expensive to add, hence the cheap price point?


Yea that what I assumed when I wrote that but at the very least a not so difficult physical button would be nice. Wonder how much it costs them to put a touch sensor in


Nice review @arushan12

I am yet to have the Life Dot 2, not looking for any more headsets at the moment :smiley:

I don’t really like to touch / any buttons on the headsets, all controls should be on the phone (edited – had it as earbuds) … these tend to look like Spirit Dot 2 when worn.

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Thinking about it, probably quite cheap @Shivam_Shah as they are in other really cheap electronics.
Who know why they decided to do that.
Maybe leaving options for an upgraded version?


Anker / Soundcore have products pretty much in all budget segments for consumers … Lowest to Highest :ok_hand:

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Great review !!! :clap:

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They do seem like a great pair of earbuds


I have just bought this pair of tws. The sound quality is fine and the issue I’m facing is that the buttons are not responsive enough. Sometimes they’ll work only when I press them 2-3 times and that too harder which hurts my ear. Idk if it’s only the case with my product. Also, my left earbud rings like a bell a lil when I press it’s button and the ringing subdues only after a second. Help me please before I return these.