Soundcore Life 2 Gift Pack Last One on Amazon

Not a deal as such but looking at the prices you pretty much get the headphone case for free, plus it all comes in a cool gift presentation box.


Very good price

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You’ve REALLY got to be desperate for all included components to pick this up at the full price of £100.
I’ve picked up two of these sets in the past (at different times) for £49.99 delivered and it’s a bargain at that price point.
The headphones have such a long battery life that the included lipstick battery pack is more of a ‘bonus’ than a routinely functional accessory to the headphones. I’ve never used the case as I found it just adds bulk.
The cables are the usual excellent Anker quality but the airline adapter is virtually redundant. Aside from some VERY old tonnage, almost all IFE systems are now functional from a single 3.5mm socket.

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Never understood the relevance of the 3.5mm adaptor either @Big_Adam