Soundcore Liberty Air trying to connect while in the case charger

Has anyone had the issue of the ear buds connecting to your phone while still in the charging case. I believe my earbuds are loose in the case and get disconnected from the contact points and thus thinks im trying to use them and begins to connect. Also does anyone notice the left ear bud status light is much dimmer than the right?

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Yes to both, but for me the right earbud status LED is dimmer by about 50%. @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical needs to put a stronger magnet in the case to keep it from opening and prevent the ear buds from turning on.

Stronger springs on the contact/charging pins wouldn’t hurt either.

You would probably benefit from a cleaning of the charging pins / pads with a drop of rubbing alcohol and a q-tip.

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Yes this also happened to me, i ga e them to my son and he uses one of his koms hair ties to just keep the case closed and it also keeps the earbuds in place

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I contacted customer support, this is ridiculous to sell a product like that and expect us to use a rubberband or hair tie to close the lid shut. Also, I dont think the hair tie idea will work for me because inside the case the ear buds are already loose, the top cover no matter how hard shut it is, wont stop the buds from moving :confused:

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If I were you I would get them warrantied.

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Not for nothing but I have to use a hair tie on my airpods, my taotronics, and my no name earbuds as the lid opens on its own for all of them. The only ones that i dont have the problem with is the Zolo+ and the Soundcore Neo

But I agree with @TheDude and just get them warrantied

will make sure i do that! thanks fellas. and good insight Tank.

Same problem with them connecting to my phone while in the case with the top closed. Very frustrating. I’ve had them go low battery on my a couple times before completing a 90 minute walk and I suspect that’s because they were sitting in the case connected to my phone and not charging. I’ll say it again… very frustrating.

Had mine for three days and noticed that it connects to my phone after some time while inside the case which is really annoying! To disconnect, I have to open and close the case and after a while, there it goes again.

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