Soundcore liberty air pro 2

I have the above mentioned product for a while and i prefer using 1 earbud at a time. The problem is whenever i switch to right from left bud… the right one switches on till the tone (without saying battery high/medium/low). I have keep trying to switch it on again for 4-5 times and then its says battery high and connects. What kind of a issue is this ? Please assist

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Weird issues, just contact support

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Try resetting them.

If that doesn’t help then contact support.

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I will not be using my code if anyone in the US is interested in using it.


Two questions when looking at the Specs of the new Liberty Air Pro 2.

AptX seems to have gone (compared to the Liberty 2 Pro) and I find no reference as to whether there is any IP rating (important if I use them for running).

Can anyone confirm these observations?

I created a new thread for the codes. Add yours if you will not be using it.

The codes are not one time obviously as they just regular text. Replace US with UK DE CA etc for any country selling

If they do not send unique codes to users then they successfully hyped, got more email addresses and try to make a rush purchase of a new untested product with yet to be discovered bugs, weaknesses. Remember if there’s something lacking now, like APTX, then that will be added into a product in a couple of months from now.

Gullible early adoptors perhaps?

Wait for reviews or take risk with $99

Here is the German Code: Liberty30DE

I’ll pass on these earbuds


First review is in.

It mentioned an IPX4 rating last night but this is no longer in the Article/Specs so I have to assume that those buds have no IP rating

You’re correct, I just looked myself. The web page is awful, it is many pages of telling me what I don’t want to know and right at bottom find specs tab and no mention.

Suggest keep your money and wait for an IP rated successor, or buy knowing of this.

As to why no rating, either they not yet had the time to do one, so wait, or its physically weaker product, more microphones now more holes and the new drivers may not be able to be sealed.

I got a feedback from Soundcore regarding my questions:

Yes, the Liberty Air Pro 2 have an IPX4 rating.

They also do/will not have aptX as they use the BES platform and not a Qualcomm based one.

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Good update and share for the rest of the community.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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BES stands for

This is not Qualcomm.

If you look at the above comparison, BES is reportedly best for ANC, so the ANC then added to it becoming BES which then stopped AptX.

That’s the read-between-lines guess but without Soundcore stating, could be wrong.

Their HQ an hour apart