Soundcore Liberty Air 2 not disconnecting after I put them in the case!?

This just started to happen yesterday, whenever I’m done using the headphones and I put them back in the case they do not disconnect from my phone (unless I turn off Bluetooth or shut the headphones down manually by long touching the sensor on the buds). This just causes the battery to drain and it I want to listen to something on speaker I’d have to turn Bluetooth off.

This wasn’t the case before, until now they were working perfectly and they used to disconnect as soon as I would place them in the case and reconnect as soon as I take them out.

Can someone give a solution? Thanks.

Give the charging ports a good cleaning, and when put into the case make sure to push them down and close the lid. Within 10 seconds of doing this they should disconnect from your phone.

So clean the charging points and also make sure there is no debris inside the case blocking the charging pins

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I tried this but no luck, is there a specific way to clean the port and the case? I might have not done it properly maybe…

Mine just started doing the same thing. That’s disappointing.

Contact support if the problem persists

I had the same problem when I changed the ear and wing tips. Make sure the wing tips are on correctly. They should by flush by the bump out part, not sticking up, there is a little notch and a hole on the wing tips, line them up. Yes and wipe off the pins, but that fixed it for me. If not the way to hard reset them is to put them in the case, make sure they are charging, leave the lid open, press and hold the button on the back for about 10 seconds until they flash red 3 times. Then they are reset. Good luck.

In reply to everyone, I tried all suggestions and no luck. The right earbud is staying powered on and taking a charge simultaneously. I’ve reset and reset all Bluetooth connections and I can still see it when I scan with it in a closed case.

Same problem. First month everything was fine. Than problem starts appear from.time to time. Now it is consant issue. Very disappointed with my purchase!

To everyone with the same problem finding this thread: Make sure that the case does have a charged battery. That was the problem I had, I had not noticed that the battery was empty and was wondering why the earbuds would not disconnect and charge when i put them into the case. As soon as I plugged the case in to charge, the earbuds disconnected and started to charge as well. I hope this helps someone. Have a nice day!

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Same issues! It’s getting very frustrating, every time Im done using the buds , I hav to turn off the Bluetooth manually in order to disconnect the buds, disappointed.

The same here. I cleaned the pods, the case (bassicaly they are new, so very clean). After i put them back in the case, they disconnect from the phone (ios) but after a couple of minutes they seem to reconnect. Does anybody know how to solve this issue?