Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro

A few hours before embargo but it’s been the worst hidden secret for a while…


Are there really secrets in our world?
I know some, but I will not tell! :joy:

Are there really secrets in our world?
I know some, but I will not tell! :joy:

Honestly I’m kind of amazed no one found the Amazon link to it weeks before. Granted Reddit found a lot of other stuff about it but from what I’ve seen no Amazon link and the official price held out for a while. I will say $169 plus the $20 early bird discount brings them down to $149 which is basically the cost of the Liberty 2 pro guess we will have to wait for full reviews to see if it’s worth the price

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The raw manufacturing costs of the L3P is less than the L2P. If they can sell the L2P for £50 then…

Market forces.

Key questions:

  • how good is the ANC. There’s no teardown so no (yet) evidence of a feed-back microphone which is key to dull treple sounds. That was for me the most difficult aspect. It is easy to do a feed-forward microphone but that only ever dull bass sounds. If the latter then the ANC can never be that brilliant.
  • When ANC is active, how much the sound quality suffers.
  • Lots of features, how reliable and how well they work together given the beta-testers did not get an app. So bugs are basically going to be appearing from tomorrow.

I do think it is a step up, a better product but is it worth the price, given how good is the £50 L2P and the good LP3 £55.

But to a degree these questions will fall away, bugs will be fixed and market forces will win in the end.

I expect when ANC off that the L3P will be reviewed better than L2P which is better than LA2P which is better than LP3. What I cannot predict is how well these compare with ANC enabled. Possibly L3P has worse sound quality than LP3 or LA2P.

Tomorrow begins that discussion when all the reviews released.

I am impressed with those who didn’t comment who have the beta units and honoured the embargo.

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With FCC listings, leakers and general common sense on improvements to make to previous editions…are secrets a thing anymore?

Think I will be waiting for multiple real world reviews before venturing into another model …unless they would like to expand the ‘beta’ group :slight_smile:

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Who here thinks the actual real product is actually inside the ear of the lady? Light is from the front left (lady’s right) so what is illuminating the bud?

The case has lights at front and USB-C at back, where are they?

I’ve already tried reverse image search. Being defeated.

Spot the Photoshop - competition?

Ditto. I’d never hand over actual cash for something this expensive £120 with the pre-order. I’d wait for reviews, or I’d take one for free in return for promising to do a review.

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I agree that looks like them from the other stuff shown from here.

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Are we getting a review from Ryan? @TechnicallyWell

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Check back tomorrow! :smile:

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Never mind, I received confirmation that the video embargo was lifted a day early! Thanks for thinking of me! :grinning:


Perfect Ryan!


It’s been Thursday 7th for a while. But cool. Yes your lack of likes and no comments means perfect score of secrecy.

Your video the L2P mics sound better than L3P. Theoretically they should sound the same to a tiny bit worse so I suggest a firmware update should make these imperceptibly similar.

You don’t say too much about ANC, you say it works well, but how does it impact sound quality?

When I posted the £50 L2P deal and the L3P £120 price emerged, I did think unless ANC was important to you is that worth 2.4 times the price? But of course, now the L3P is available the L2P isn’t £50 but is £90, as if they were draining stock before L3P…

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Good review and liked.

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Solid on point review as usual Ryan, good one :+1:

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after 20 month of use my liberty 2 pro battery no longer charge :frowning: , hope they use better one on those. I dont mind 50% less battery life after a while down to nothing is hard

Ha, yes, but they had planned for Friday originally.

Actually, I thought the Liberty 3 Pro’s mics sounded a little cleaner when compared to the Liberty 2 Pro, although the 2s seem to be louder.

The Active Noise Cancellation works very well, about the same as Apple AirPods Pro but not quite as good as the Bose QuietComfort 35 II (but, to be fair, they are much larger). I tested the Liberty 3 Pros against a loud white noise machine to simulate the noise of an airplane, and would say it blocked about 70-80% of the sound. Like all ANC headphones I’ve tried, these are less effective at higher frequencies such as human voices or small dogs barking. From what I can tell, these perform similarly to the Liberty Air 2 Pro in that the ANC doesn’t seem to affect the quality of the music playing.

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Similar conclusions from El Jefe’s review.

I think this may explain how they added ANC to these physically constrained dual driver setup - they didn’t put a microphone inside so they can only ever physically detect and mostly block lower frequency sounds.

Oh well, I can still hope the L4P adds an inside mic.

Thanks for putting in the time and effort to do the review. Between you and others a collectively rounded view of if a good fit to needs will emerge.

The fact they are smaller and lighter may make then a fit for me, but I’d never spend £120, but I’d take a freebie. Mr Random tends to not pick me :frowning:

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As you know, I am a pro photographer. She is lit on both sides from different light strobes, left and right and probably overhead as well. Not difficult to do with the right equipment.