Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro - Noise Cancelling or not?

So in the COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS comparison it mentions that they have noise cancelling:

4-Mic Noise Reduction technology with Qualcomm® cVc™ 8.0

But in the FAQ it states:

Is Liberty 2 Pro noise cancelling?

They do not have active noise cancellation.

Can anyone comment? Thanks

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Cvc noise canceling is for phone calls, you most likely wont notice it but the person on the other end of the phone call will. Instead of gettin static and a bunch of interference the person will hear you clearly without all the nonsense noise


These earphones are great but I would love if there was an option for noise cancellation.

In the office when trying to work sometimes you just want to “mute” all of the background noise.

Perhaps this can be added via firmware? Would hope to see it asap…

Is soundcore liberty 2 pro’s battery replaceable .
It’s known that betwen 14 and 24 ( or 18 , Idk ) the battery gets really old and can’t be used anymore unless you want to struggle using the earphones .
So my question was , are they replaceable ?