Soundcore Infini Pro Delay in Sound Coming Out

So I recently picked up the inifni pro. Had some initial issues with getting atmos to work on PC, bu updating to latest windows feature release fixed it. However, one issue persists, and it is the delay before sound will come out of the sound bar. Its not a delay between whats on screen and the audio, but its like it takes time for the soundbar to spin up before it will start making sound, and this happens every time there is no sound for literally like 3 or so seconds.
For example, I start up a youtube video, and I wont hear anything the first few seconds of the video because the bar is ‘spinning up’, but the rest of the video is fine. If i play another video at the same time or immediately after the first video, I can hear all of it too, but if I wait around 3 seconds after the video ends before playing another, I will again have to wait several seconds before I can hear anything. This happens both with hdmi mode with my PC, and with TV/ARC mode with my nintendo switch hooked to my TV.

I had delay issues with my Xbox One trying to decode the audio instead of passing it through. Once I turned that off, the delay went away.

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I think this is normal, because this happens with my non-bluetooth 5 devices. there is a little delay (of 1-2 secs). This is impossible to repair unless your tv has some pretty cool algorithm on it that makes no delay.

I also have this issue and it’s driving me crazy. For example I have a Facebook Portal connected to my TV and the TV is connected via Optical audio cable to the soundbar. When I speak (and thus the other person on the call aren’t speaking) the soundbar will then go into some sort of sleep mode, and it takes a second or two for it to “spin up” when the other person starts to speak. This of course make this soundbar useless. Another area where this happens is when browsing my Chromecast with Google TV and only intermittent menu sounds come through.

Is there a fix to this?

I am also having this issue on both of my soundbars. One is connected to my PC and the other to my Roku TV. Has there been any fix or work around for this?

Just contact support