SoundCore Flare Mini Review

A really big thank to @AnkerOfficial for making this review possible.
My full review is in italian at this link.

  • Specs
    The flare mini as his big brothers has nothing to envy to them, it shares a lot of specs, but in a small package:
    o 360° audio
    o RGB led ring
    o IP x7 Waterproof certification
    o 2x Active Speaker (5W each)
    o 2x Passive Speaker
    o Integrated Microphone

  • Material Quality
    The speaker is very well made, in materials and assembly. Is entirely made of cloth (wich cover the speakers), and a soft rubber at the top/bottom that gives grip and a good touch feel to it.
    There are 6 buttons on the top:
    o Power (Backlit)
    o Vol+
    o Vol-
    o Bluetooth (Backlit)
    o Led Control (Backlit)
    o Multi Function Button (Play/Pause ecc.)
    To guarantee the IP x7 certification there’s a strong rubber cap on the Micro Usb port

  • Sound Quality
    The 2 active speaker (fullrange) and the other two passive speaker offers a very very good sound experience. In the design of the speaker there was certainly a study for the 360° audio feature. There are some canals between the speakers that gives that nearly perfect 360° audio. Another feature is that you can connect multiple Flare speakers to get a more immersive experience. Here’s a short video here

  • Ease of use
    The speaker is very easy to use, one button to turn it on and the other ones are common shortcuts. A useful button is the bluetooth one, which gives us a fast way to change the connected device. The battery in my tests gave me 12 hours on a normal volume, 7-8 on max with the led ring turned on. Speaking of led, they’re awesome, it has 5 modes. The most interesting is the one that change colors and flashes with the song going.

  • Conclusions
    The flare mini has his sense to exists, the small dimensions, the Ip X7 rating and the excellent sound quality takes it on the top of the small speakers market. The only bad thing is the lack of integration with the SoundCore app, nothing special.

Molto bene!


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Clear, concise review with good photos. Well done!

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GReat Review !

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Great review, and I love your photos! How was the microphone quality? I have a regular-sized Flare and I’m trying to figure out a) where the microphone is and b) what the quality is like across different environments.

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A) i don’t actually know, is covered by the cloth
B) the quality Is pretty good in phone calls, but i’ve only tryied It in my room, i’ll test It in an open envirorment later

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Great, clear review. LOVE that first picture, that splash is PERFECT

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great review and photos! :ok_hand:

Nice review and photos!

Short and sweet review. Great photos too. :slight_smile:

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Lovely review and photos! I loved the one sitting on the tree stump. :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2:

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looks nice