Soundcore Flare Mini Review - #WeLoveTesting

The Soundcore Flare Mini is a top notch speaker when it comes to price to performance ratio. For only $49.99, the speaker provides clear audio, even at higher volumes, bright RGB lights, and a deep bass. The Flare Mini is easily portable and takes up less table space than other speakers which provide less. After a week and a half of testing, I’m able to say with confidence that this is one of the better speakers on the market, especially for it’s price. Before I fully review this, it is worth noting that i did not waterproof test it. However, I can attest to it at least being water resistant as it was outside in light rain for about 10 minutes.

Some of my favorite things about the Flare Mini is its ease of use; it quickly connected to my phone using Bluetooth, which typically takes more than one second (at least in my past experiences). It also powers itself of after about 20 minutes of not being in use. The long battery life is definitely a pro, it lasted me 11 hours on a full charge (this varied with the use of lights and volume level). Another thing i very much enjoyed was how loud it was able to get for such a small speaker. Lastly, the RGB lights really grabbed the attention of my friends and family. The lights were bright, and had multiple modes, which changed after pressing the button.

However, all that being said there is one thing about these speakers that I had noticed. As the battery life starts to decrease, the volume does as well. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means and i definitely still recommend this speaker, it was just slightly annoying and something i thought should be shared.

The speaker itself comes in a cardboard box, with a little bit of Styrofoam on the inside, which is definitely enough to protect it. My speaker came in good condition and included was a small instruction manual, which isn’t really necessary because of the speakers ease of use. On the speaker, there are 6 buttons, a Power Button, The Bluetooth Button, The Lighting Button (allows you to change color sets), The Volume Up/Down Buttons, and The Soundcore Logo, which if held down activates Siri for iPhone users (I’m gonna be honest i found this out about 5 minutes ago). The integrated microphone also picked up my voice clearly.

Although I don’t know how to upload pictures from my iPhone on here, just believe me when i say that this product looks nice. It has a silicone bottom, which prevents it from sliding around. The outside is made of a mesh, which allows for the 360° sound. And lastly, it is a truly minimalist design, nothing that makes you pay extra, nothing that cries for attention. It’s an honest speaker, and you get exactly what you paid for: a quality speaker.

Lastly, thank you to @AnkerOfficial and #WeLoveTesting for giving me the opportunity to test this amazing speaker out.



That kind of makes sense. I guess it’s a way for it to indicate that it needs charging. Great job on the review. We just need some eye candy now :stuck_out_tongue:


You shouldn’t notice a volume drop until the battery is used past 80% depending on ambient temperatures (lithium cells do not perform as well in cold temperatures). Lithium ion cells output a pretty regular voltage. Although when you do noticed a drop you should immediately charge the battery. Ideally to get the maximum lifespan of the internal batteries they should not be drained down past 20%.



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Good review, definitely a future product on my buy list.
Eye candy would be nice, and thanks @TheDude for the posting tips and volume info.

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