Soundcore Boost not pairing

My Soundcore Boost has become a PITA. It will pair but then the next time I go to use it it will refuse to pair to my iPhone8. When I try to re-pair it doesn’t connect and when I “forget device” and try to set up as new it is not recognized. The instructions for pairing has a finger pushing the power button and then a >2" and a small clock showing either 15 seconds, 15 minutes or 3:00 LOL. Not sure what that means.

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Hi, I found the manual… here is the pic, and then I can help w/ the process…


The 2” means press and hold for 2 seconds. Then turn Bluetooth on, on your device.

If you have connected to another device, then when you turn on the boost, it may want to go back to the last device you paired with.

If that’s the case, then the lower part of the photo above will help with removing the second / third / etc device.

Let me know if you find success. :wink:


Thanks. That did it.

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Hooray, hope you find the speaker enjoyable :slight_smile:

There is a other community for just the Soundcore stuff, and it’s a bit busier…