Soundcore Boost charging port



Has anyone managed to replace the charging port on their Soundcore Boost. Mine has broken and Anker aren’t interested.
Someone suggested it might be a generic part nd that I may be able to buy one from somewhere.


I haven’t heard about anyone doing this.

It wouldn’t be that hard since it’s just some basic soldering. You would have to find a port with all the same parameters.


If there is no more warranty just open it!
Show us what you find at this port and we will tell you more about what to do.

Many old “tinkers” here… :grinning:

This USB-mini Port can be replaced of course!


Micro USB😉


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Can I ask whats broken on your port? The majority of the time its the cable that goes bad and rarely the port itself, unless the cord was ripped out.


Or dropped with a cable attached.

Maybe time to fix in a USBC and tell us if it works, cos I think Anker is scared if them!


I hope you can get it fixed :+1: