Soundcore boost a3145 tws pairing usb-c charging

I bought 2 anker A3145 models, sound core boost. One of them comes with TWS and USB - C charging. The other 1 is standard micro usb charging and no TWS. I can’t find any information on the usb C charging unit which I wish to purchase another. Are they still making this Particular one? The model numbers are the same. See the attached photos.

Never heard about/seen such a TWS-button.
Usually stereo paring can be done by connecting two speakers by the normal bt button.

The description of the boost doesn’t tell about that feature.

You should ask the support about that!

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I believe each bluetooth speaker has to have TWS to be paired simultaneously. Why my 2 speakers, with the same model#, are different, idk? Seems they should have at least different model numbers. I also had a 6watt soundcore and I was able to pair that unit with my Soundboost (one with the tws button) and play both simultaneously in stereo.

You bought one upgraded one not upgraded. Did you buy them separately?

Example of earlier model

Observe it comes with microb cable.

Example of the successor was released in the summer

You can see from the label the move to USBC

If you look carefully you may be able to see a revision version in small print.

We share your frustration for the cavalier attitude Anker has to have importantly different versions with same product code. What I suggest is if you like one more than other then return one and buyer another.

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Ok, I see what your showing me, yes, apparently I do have the upgraded version… I ordered them on prime day and apparently recieved an older and upgraded version. Thanks for your edification. So, I am planning on returning the older, micro USB version. So how do I locate and order the upgraded version on Amazon? When I search for soundcore boost, I get the same one.

Normally there is a word “upgraded” in the successor same-product-code and normally they have different ASIN so it’s impossible to buy two versions without ordering separately.

Did you order quantity 2 or two orders? Did they come from Ankerdirect or did you get from some other seller? Regardless, initiate a return of the older version and complain

Email and make them aware of this issue so they correct it.

Easy, contact the support.
I am sure there will be help to get a fitting replacement with same specifications.

The fork sub brand Soundcore is after the boost came out. You can’t find it on soundcore. So I recommend

Ok, I initiated the return through Amazon and sent an email to Anker support regarding purchasing an upgraded soundcore boost. Let’s see what happens. Thank for the help and I’ll update in case others have this same issue.

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