soundcore air left bud has no sound but.. still working?

I don’t know if this has been answered before, but oh well. My left soundcore liberty air bud won’t play any sound but still functions with controls and all. It’s specifically on my MacBook because the left bud works on my tablet and other devices. I found out a few minutes ago that if I were to join a zoom call or the sorts, it would start working but the second I left it would go back to no sound. I’ve tried multiple resets and techniques but they never seem to work. Does anybody know how to fix this, or should I contact support?

Try to update your bluetooth driver on your macbook though it shouldn’t make too much of a difference because left earbud works on zoom. Your best bet is to talk to someone from Apple because it sounds like a MacOS issue more than Soundcore issue. I’ll let a mac user suggest something different though since I’m a Windows user

Based only on your words, I’d say you’ve not paired the left bud? I don’t have the Air but if similar to others when you pair the right then it asks to pair the left.