Soundcore 2 annoying startup shutdown paired sounds

Would it be possible to update SC2 speaker with less annoying startup/shutdown/paired sounds? 3 different short tones/beeps instead current annoying sounds. I’m sure it can be easily updated in firmware.


Hey @cl4s2013
I own the Boost and Wakey and i also find the noises annoying, more so on the Wakey.
If i need to change alarm time during the night the noises wakes my other half.

Not possible, you should get used to it.
I know life is hard! :smile:


If you have soundcore space NC , you could put those on your other half so they won’t hear it. lolol

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Good thinking, like it!

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Same for me, I’ve the soundcore motion plus, really good speaker, I love it but in the app it would be great to be able to disable it ! (Like in the app of my old UE BOOM 2 that was recently replaced by my anker <3).

Thank you for your help.

Hope it could be realized in the next firmware :wink: !


I agree. Those goofy sounds got old really quickly on my Motion Plus.

I know the app can be used to disable the sounds on the Soundcore Boost, which is a cheaper model, so why not the Soundcore Motion Plus?