Sound issue during calls


I just received the Liberty Air 2 earbuds. Everything is good from sound to Audio experience but whenever i tried to call or received call, it feels like there is a thin voice of the person whom i talking to coming in the earbuds in addition to the normal voice in the background from left ear bud which is very annoying. Specially during whats app calls.

Even my Samsung U flex is sounding much better and clearer than this during calls, which cost only $30-40.

Please suggest the solution.

Have you used the Soundcore App and done any Custom EQ or Hear ID? If yes, please disable those and try

Also Have you tried a reset of Soundcore Liberty Air 2

I have done the hear ID settings. But those are amazing for audio listening.

Hear ID is awesome, I too tested it and have them disabled now though.

Does not hurt to disable it, test a voice call. Also try if you can reset the LA2 and see if it resolves the issue

I tried but it has the same problem. Audio quality is not good at all during call. I dont know only option is to return them.

Please reach out to with details. Also being Chinese New Year, please expect a delay for upto a week.

Yupe ill do that

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