Sound delay when soundcore connected to Alexa dot

Hi…I’ve tried connecting my new soundcore yoba 3rd gen Alex’s dot both with an aux cable and via Bluetooth. In both cases there is a several second delay in the response to a question coming from the soundcore.
For instance: What’s the time? Answer “…twenty three”.
Anyone have any ideas? The speaker is on mains power and only about one foot from the Dot.
Fingers crossed for an answer…regards to all.

Hi @peter88,

Please let me confirm the speaker model you have.
“yoga" doesn’t sound like a speaker model for us. Would you please be more specific of which soundcore speaker you have? Or you can simply upload a picture of your speaker so we can tell which one it is.

Thank you for your understanding. :blush:

Hello… for “yoba” read “with”. Damned predictive text.
In fact I got a half-baked answer from Anker, the gist of which is that the speaker has a built in buffer that operates on startup and on removal of aux cable. Which is really silly, so I’ve sent it back and will look for a speaker that doesn’t censor Alexa Dots 
For info - the Soundcore was model A3102.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your information.