Some suggestions to improve Eufy Security iOS app for the Eufy Video Doorbell

We love our Eufy Video Doorbell.

Here are some suggestions to improve the Eufy Security app:

  1. Ability to Download recorded videos in Events on iPad. This feature works on iPhone 11 but for some reason does not work on iPad Mini running iOS 13.3.

  2. Ability to create custom doorbell chime tunes. Would be great if we can record our own voice as the doorbell chime (e.g. “Someone’s at the door!”) or upload a short MP3 as doorbell chime, or use an existing iPhone ringtone as the doorbell chime.

  3. In “Family & Guests” in the Eufy Security app, display the Nicknames in addition to their email addresses. It’s hard to tell who is, for example. Seeing their Nicknames and avatar graphic would be great in addition to their email addresses.