Small plastic disc

Along with my Anker Sound Buds, I got a lot of replacement buds, a clip and a small grooved plastic disc about 3/8" wide.

I have no idea what the disc is for - something to do with the cables?

Any help would be much appreciated



It might be for wrapping the cord around when you’re not using the earbuds. If you could post a picture of it when you get a chance, we could give you a more definite answer. Thanks!

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What variation of earbuds?

Easiest way is to take a photo and show us.
Even those who not have the buds can tell what these items are used for.

Sorry, I was vague. I’ve just got my third set of “soundbuds curve”, and in one of the plastics is a clip, and this disc.


Hi @John_Owen2 it’s for cable management (adjusting slack, tightening etc) as per the image