Slow/delayed motion detection

Hello all,

My appologies if this is in the wrong forum/topic but here goes.

I’ve been using my Eufycam 2 for about 2 months now.
Love the system, the app and the homebase but I have the feeling my motion detection is very slow/delayed and not detection in the zones that I have defined.

I’ve uploaded two pictures, one of my driveway and one of the backyard where you can see the activation zones. I’ve added when/where I receive a notification from the camera. Green square means motion detection & notification. Red means nothing happens.

In case of the driveway, it’s not uncommon that somebody, say a delivery driver has actually made his way to the front door before I receive notice. By that I mean he has actually got out of his car and walked to my front door. When I test the motion detection it detects around 5m (16ft) in front of the camera.

In case of the backyard, it only detects a small portion of the backyard. When I use my backdoor I can jump or sit at my table for hours and not get a notification. It’s only when I get to my garage when the system detects me. When I test the motion detection here, the light does turn red when I’m in the area where I don’t receive notification. So in test mode it does see me but it does not send a notification when in live mode.

I’ve put the sensitivity of the motion detection to the max and defined activation zones. The powermanager is also set to maximum security. Both the camera’s as the homebase are up-to-date with the firmware.

Anybody got any ideas?
Love to hear them!

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I have just bough the set for about 2 weeks and I’m having the same problem that the motion delayed and area zones not working properly.
Also the battery is running out too fast which only 70% left after 16 days used with about 2800 detected events. Eufy did not state clearly on the box that the detected events should be less than 30 per day to have the battery last for 365 days, really misleading information. I still doubt that the cam can run 365 days even with less than 30 alerts per day…