Skygo on Capsule Max

Hi all,
after installing the Google Play version I’ve been able to install and use most of my apps with the exception of SkyGo.
Everything went well during installation of SkyGo and setup with my account but when I started to watch a movie (either live or on demand) after a couple of seconds the screen went very poor like a transparent white window.
Movies can still be seen but with a very poor quality.

Any hint?
Thanks in Advance,

Hi there,

Regarding the issue mentioned, we would appreciate if you could contact our support team at to provide us a short video to display the issue. We will test out and help you further. Thank you!

Anker Support Team

hello! would you be so kind to share how did you get Sky Go on the Nebula? Because I can’t find their app on the google play in the projector…

Hi, can it be you forgot to install the latest firmware from Nebula?
I still use it, gets updates and so on so it has to be on the store.

no it is all up to date. Which Sky Go did oyu install? From which country?

Italy, I installed the only one available in my country

that is the one I look for… but when I type SkyGo on the Google Play search bar, it doesn’t come up…!

Here’s what I get searching for “Sky go” (with the space).

I don’t get it, maybe because I have a Nebula cosmos Max?! I will check with @AnkerSupport

might be…

Capsule Max is Android 8.1

The Cosmos Max is a different product with different OS, Android TV 9.0

So tricks on one likely won’t work on the other.

Anker has a habit of using similar names for very different products. :thinking: