Simultaneous listening for two different audio sources with L/R Anker earbuds!

Somewhere on a Forum, I saw comments about the futility of trying to listen to two different audio sources for each ear using Anker earbuds. Good news! As a retired electronic engineer, I don’t give up easily. I found a way to listen to the MLB baseball video feed in one ear and MLB baseball audio feed in the other (which I have done for years using speakers); four different announcers of the same video game. I use Anker Soundcore Liberty in one ear and Anker Soundcore Life A1 in the other. Works great! As long as you have complete stereo isolation, the brain can easily distinguish and register the information, especially since announcers don’t always talk at the same time on each channel, even though it is the same baseball game.
Audio sources: Windows PC desktop bluetooth and Android Galaxy S10+ bluetooth using my MLB-TV subscription on both.
Some had a need of this with a laptop on conference video in one ear and the other ear for phone calls during the session.
Apparently it is impossible with just one set of earbuds unless you walk a hundred feet away to pair the other source. With my idea, it takes seconds to do with a couple of clicks here at the desktop.
Anker will love this idea since it requires buying TWO sets of Anker earbuds!