Short bug report using the 2k indoor cams with Apple HomeKit & HKSV


got the 2k pan&tilt and the fixed 2k indoor cams three days ago.
Setup worked fine, adding the cams to Apple Home worked fine, too.
I activated the HomeKit Secure Video recording option on movement detection for both cams and while it first worked it stopped working soon afterwards.
When I remove a cam and add it again to HomeKit the iCloud recording after movement detection works for a short while but stops again soon.
Changing the recording options or movement detection options in the Home App has no effect, still no recording to iCloud/in the Home App.

Maybe that‘s a bug?

In the Eufy Security app I have disabled the motion detection because I don#t want to get notifications from this app, too. Or has this switch to be switched on for HomeKit to work?

Anyone with similar experiences?


Little update: apparently, Motion Detection has to be switched on in the Eufy Security app, too, for HomeKit‘s recording to work. :white_check_mark:
Works fine now for 1/2 day, a night and another 1/2 day.