Shocking Pictures reveal the horrors of Hermes

Shocking Pictures here reveal the inside of Hermes distribution center where workers say they are treated likes slaves and are too tired to care about the conditions in which they work.

this could be why Hermes deliveries dont get delivered or are always lost, what are your thoughts?
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All those workers and deliverers (Hermes, DHL, DPD etc) are bad payed and there is more than frustration.

I remember such a poor Hermes-driver showed up here at Saturday evening at 21:00!
Totally exhausted.
He was so happy I gave him 2 Euros instead of my usually 1 Euro as tip.
But I felt so sorry for him.
Was from Romania.
A real slave of that … system

The expression slave is real!

Read about this a few days ago in my local paper (the photos are from a depot close to me)…knew that often depots can get crazy but never, that, crazy :open_mouth:

All of my losses have been due to the delivery driver (often agency or freelance) leaving them in unsecured locations, mainly so they can clear the delivery and move onto the next one without having to come back later in the day or the following day…

As @Chiquinho has said, they do get paid a pittance and are working against the clock to clear jobs so they can either get onto a new batch of deliveries (as the more they deliver, the better the wage) or so they can freelance to another delivery service (like Amazon)…while it does not exclude a certain level of common sense when leaving a parcel, I can see often why some of them do it, with them chasing the clock to make a living…

I get that things can get crazy at times, but the conditions should never be that bad. The drivers should also not be forced to deliver as they claim, drivers are expected to deliver between 700 and 900 parcels each day in just eight hours. thats just ridiculous by any standard


Woah, that looks rough. I’m glad I don’t work there…

The compliance team has started a full investigation! :joy:

I’ve had multiple deliveries by Hermes and all bar one has had box damage.

Its a sad day when your employer is so bad it makes workers not care about the items they are handling.
It makes me cringe when i return items to Amazon and its via Hermes, where possible i use Royal Mail or FedEx.

I guess we are lucky to have UPS and Fedex. Even the USPS.

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Plus the maths on this is crazy.
700 parcels over a 12hr day would be 59 parcels an hour.
Granted you will also be delivering to businesses which could be a multiple parcel drop, but those figures can’t be right.

This is true, but even our carriers have issues all there own as well. Im sure a lot of distribution centers look like that around the holidays

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Other day I had visited UPS Customer Center, and happened to see the loading of items into their vehicles - it was simply fantastic, smooth, perfect!!

We are really are glad to have these carriers, hope the Hermes makes takes better care and appreciates the the employees more, and becomes a better service.

Aahhh… that’s where @ndalby 's parcells are hiding … under the conveyor :grinning:

The only way to shake up Hermes is have companies stop using them for services, that is profits go down and executives start thinking - "Is everything right and what is going wrong? "

Plus their pay is really good and UPS has a pension plan.

Amazon is using HERMES, though there is such a bad performance.
And the companies selling their products via that platform have not influence which
kind of delivery company is chosen by amazon.

I like how in the last picture all the fragile items are at the bottom of the pile.

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Hermes should be ashamed of themselves, but as long as they are making a profit, they won’t care

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Honestly i doubt anything will change unless someone kills themselves, like what happened at Foxconn a few years back. It took someone doing that for them to open their eyes and see just how bad things have gotten before they made changes


Is sad but I do agree with you, companies are there to make money. There will be always someone that needs a job and this kind of situation will be hard to change. It takes good leader ship to move forward from this kind of work environments.

It looks like an obstacle course lol

Dare i say it, I’ve had my second ever Hermes delivery that wasn’t damaged.
It was a small box in a bubble envelope though!