Share Your Story | Fourth Anniversary Edition

My most memorable birthday would be my 14th birthday. It was the last birthday I had in India and I spent it with my parents and sibling along with my grandparents, uncle and aunt, and my cousin on my mom’s side. My mom’s grandma on her dad’s side also has the same birthday as me and incidentally she was living with my grandparents in India so it was all of 4 generations at our home on our birthday.

That being said, it was most memorable because I spent evening and night along with people I grew up around and the ones that love me so much. As said before, it was my last birthday in India and the last one among 4 of us while we were still in India. After we moved to US, it didn’t go back for 4 years and we ended up going there because my grandparents on my mom’s side weren’t well so I’m very glad that I could spend that much time enjoying with them. We didn’t do much for the birthday but we did have a nice dinner and hung around. Now that my mom’s parents and grandma aren’t there anymore, I just can’t stop remembering the good times I spent with them as a child and miss them. Thanks to rise of video calling services, we can still keep in touch with my uncle, aunt, and cousins but it still doesn’t match the happiness of actually being around them

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Well my recent Bday :birthday:was my first introduction to Soundcore. I’ve always been using wired earbuds, the ones that came with my iPhone. Although many people were getting AirPods, I still didn’t want to make the transition to wireless for fear of them falling out of my ear and onto the floor.
Well one of the presents I received were the Liberty Air 2. My very first wireless earbuds! I tried them on and :exploding_head: they were amazing! Great audio and they never fell out. I found out that this Soundcore brand makes many different products and has a community.
I joined the community to find many people that have stuck around with this company for years! There was active discussions, weekly giveaways, and a great overall vibe. By becoming an active member, I was able to win some other prizes and giveaways! :100:
Then my world :earth_americas: expanded when I found out that Soundcore was just part of a larger family. :house:The ANKER Family! I joined this community recently to find out that there are many different brands and products all under the Anker umbrella.
So here I am today celebrating Anker’s birthday! And to think this whole story started from a gift I received from my own bday! Happy Birthday Anker! Can’t wait to see this brand grow along the way! :partying_face:

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My younger daughter made me a pumpkin pie, my wife made me a surprise cake, and family that is never around was able to be in town. Good times and fond memories.

Once you have kids, their birthdays are usually more fun than yours.

We do like to sing the viking birthday dirge - at least after happy birthday. My wife despairs of us, but the kids insist now.

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My most memorable was also my saddest birthday. It was my 17th birthday, I had plans for a big party with all my friends. We talked and hyped the party up amongst all our friends and were looking forward to it.
I rented out the pool house and swimming pool for around 50 close friends. Yes it was my birthday and I planned and paid for it all, I had balloons, games, pizza, and snacks. My birthday party was suppose to start at 4Pm, I’m there chilling by the pool waiting for people to show up. I send out a message blast to everyone saying how hyped I was and couldn’t wait to start the party.

Well, 20 -30 minutes past and no one showed up, I waited and waited and still nothing. I called and messaged everyone but had no reply. I stayed and snacked on the chips and punch I had setup, it wasn’t until 8 or 9 I finally gave up as no one showed or even messaged me back. Sad and mad I threw all the food out, popped all the balloons and jumped in my car and left. I was so mad as everyone hyped and said they couldn’t wait for the party, yet they all ditched me. I drove around for like an hour and finally went home.
When I got home all the lights where off so when I got inside I tripped over something and just as I was about to hit the floor, everyone jumped out shouting happy birthday and my sister took a picture of me face planting into the floor. I was so mad at them for not showing up at the pool house and being at my house instead I yelled and screamed at everyone. They all kept laughing and it mad me get madder because I paid for all the food and renting the clubhouse, I was quickly silenced by my crush as she hands me an envelope with all this money in it. She told me not to be mad and to enjoy my birthday, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said let’s party. So we all partied into the night, and I finally asked my crush to be my girlfriend and she had said yes. So it was a bitter sweet birthday filled with disappointment and joy all at the same time. I never tried to plan my own party again and left it up to friends after that.

Love this prompt, makes you think!

I’d have to say my 9th. We didn’t have a ton of money but my Mum always made the specialist things. We made sleepover invitations with little pillows, rolled up sleeping bags, and stuffed animals. I still have one we made because I thought there were the coolest. :heart: #happybirthdaycommunity

My 8th birthday party was by far my most memorable birthday. My dad and I were constantly at odds growing up. He loved sports, and I loved video games. He always thought I needed to be outside playing with friends from the neighborhood, whereas I wanted to just be holding a controller in my hand and enjoying the air conditioning.

But I remember the week I was turning 8. My mom and I had gone to the mall to do some shopping (which in no way was exciting for an 8 year old boy!). And I remember turning a corner and seeing several of my friends standing in the doorway of the local arcade store (Aladdin’s Castle). As I was making my way over to see them, one of them saw me coming and started shouting “Happy Birthday!”. The others scanned the hall and immediately followed suite in shouting the greeting as I continued to walk towards the small group. It wasn’t until I was standing in the center of them that I saw my dad and the pieces of the puzzle started to put themselves together in my mind: my parents were throwing me a surprise party in the coolest place in town; the arcade center!!

It was after that day when I realized that even though my dad and I might have separate interests, he still loves me and is willing to make sacrifices on my behalf. And needless to say, my love for technology has grown into a full time job - and I believe I owe it fully to my father and his constant love and support!

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My best memories are the ones I have done for my mother on her birthdays before she passed 3 years.

She got remarried and was taking care me and my sibling and his kids (7 kids total). She never did for herself.

So it was fun to see her eyes when she got a special presents. I got her a nice ring once and seeing her eyes light made my day.

I was not the only one to do this as my other siblings had done this as well and it was fun to watch her get giddy as a school child when she got tthose special gifts…

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Yeah that’s me. I had to make it clear in the video’s title that it was in fact the (fastest time ever)

I have timed every single attempt that anyone, ever, has done it and I had to beat them in 2004 … on my birthday … my 7th birthday.

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As @jercox said, we don’t celebrate our birthdays anymore other than just wishing each other. Celebrating kids birthdays is more fun and they love it.
It was my daughters 2nd birthday that was most memorable moment for me. I was little but worried that she may get fussy and discomfort by looking at several people gathered at one place, and turned out to be the otherway around. She was so happy talking to every one, receiving the presents and treating every one with cake and sweets. I cannot forget that moment in my life. I recorded a video of that party which is my most favorite one, I look at it today and wonder what happend to her that day.
I was tired towards the end of the party but my little one was still bouncing and dancing. What an energy at that age. We had to force to stop her if not she will be running around the whole night.

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My most memorable birthday was my 18th.
My best friend celebrated by getting me so drunk I had to sleep over at his house, I remember eating wendy’s that night, but that’s about it :joy::joy::joy:

Birthdays are always special. But my birthdays have never been so special before my girlfriend came into my life. She never left any chance to make me feel special. So it was 3 years back when i was in my graduation and she planned for my birtday. This was the first and last birthday i ever celebrated. Yes! I dont cut cake and all that. So she planned it secretly. Now, she chose Savitri Mata Temple hill for this. And i knew that she cant let my bday go. And she gonna celebrate it. So i also planned it in my way. I wanted to propose her on that day. :heavy_heart_exclamation:. So i purchased a gift for her and i prepared a tiara from my own hands with the help of her favourite flowers in it. It was smelling so good! I wrapped it up and put in my bag. She came after college and said me that should go to Pushkar today. I said okay. It was in my plan! So that hill had two ways. One is via rope way and other one is via stairs. So we chose rope way. Now what i planned was that I would propose her in between the way to hill i.e. in the air. And i was unaware that she also has the same destination as of mine. So when our box was in between it suddenly stopped. And that was the moment i waited. I bowed and asked her to close her eyes and give her hands in my hands. She did! And i put out the tiara and put it on her head. Yeah! She was now my Princess. And i said dont open the eyes now. I have something more. And i tied the Casio Baby g watch on her wrist. And then she hugged me.:heart_eyes:. We were in the air. The whole surroumding was cool and the sun was setting. Then she disclosed her plan. She put the cake out of the bag and we cut that first ever cake in my life in the age of 23. That was the last also because our courses completed and we departed also. But those memories! They are unforgettable. Still we are in touch and planning to get married and i want to propose her for marriage in a gas ballon probably. And we could make love in air and hence in our life possible. Thanks Anker! It all went around like a reel.images

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Favorite birthday was when I was 10 years old and got the Evil Knievel toy with the motorcycle where you crank the wheel and it takes off.

#HappyBirthdayCommunity my best memory was on my 11th birthday I think it was a surprise. My family invited a magician to my house and lots of my school friends he showed us many magic tricks it was so fun :blue_heart:

I was a ‘70s kid. Every birthday, my dad made papier mache pinatas for my and my sisters’ birthdays. (We’re not Latin.) The year I vividly remember was Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.

Just before my 18th Birthday my parents were away on a business trip, my unlicensed and uninsured 17yr old brain thought it would be a great idea to borrow my parent’s car and drive it to college.

All was great I had Dr Dre blasting out of the speakers I had only clipped one or two curbs so hub caps were scratched & cracked. I thought I was the coolest.

So then I took the car out again the next day I drove past my old school and decided last second to turn right and being inexperienced I was going too fast to make that turn and over compensated I hit a curb hard then pulled the wheel the other way went through a wooden fence and into a farmers field.

I was very luck there was no one around not just because they probably would’ve called the police but I could’ve hurt someone.

I struggled to get the car out of the field but eventually did, I impaled the car with a bit of fence that broke off and split the bonnet. I burst a tyre and buckled the rim, I managed to do a F1 style Pit Crew wheel change for the spare in the boot. I also later found out that I destroyed the suspension for that same wheel.

I limped the car home and tried to park it into the parking spot but being an inexperienced moron, I thought I’d drive into the spot to hide any front-end damage. So, I managed to turn the car on to a big wooden fence post which scraped and dented both passenger side doors.

When my parents got home the next day, I was in a lot of trouble and my 18th Birthday was cancelled.

I never found out what I was going to get for my birthday, but I did get a card and I was so upset with myself I cried for ruining my life

Obviously, this isn’t the best Birthday Story but it is a good story about my 18th Birthday

I hope you enjoyed my bad decision making. The decision making only started getting better at around 25yrs old.

Happy Birthday Anker Community.

My 30th birthday was shared with my wife’s friend :-/ enough said! Was memorable to say the least

My most memorable birthday story was my 33th!! As a birthday present my boyfriend’s family gave me a trip to Europe! They made my dreams of visiting various European countries come true! :raised_hands:
I was very happy and blessed to have the appreciation of his family.

Happy Birthday Anker Community.!! :gift::tada::balloon::confetti_ball:


I don’t really have any birthday stories. :frowning:

My birthday memories are not so great. I dont remeber anyone’s bday so mone is also not remebered :joy:
But yeah my family wishes me. They do remeber. So not such memory worth sharing!

But wish anker had many great memories. The members here are amazing. So one of the family members wishes anker a very happy birthday.:heavy_heart_exclamation::tada: