Share Your RoboVac Moments and Win

vb_lol you and everyone else on here think the same. Stick around a give them a reason to send you something, it may eventually happen

@AnkerOfficial how many entries can each user have? Thanks

No limited entry for each user. Just to be creative and fun and no repeated content allowed. :sunglasses:

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How to vacuum with the Robovac 15C and entertain your pet at the same time #LifeWithRoboVac


Nooo, you stole my video idea. We do this with my wifes cat and the puppy every weekend. Was gonna record it this weekend and upload and post it but you beat me to it. I’ll have to get more creative with mine now

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Sorry @Tank :sweat_smile: You can still do it, it’s going to be different from mine for sure.

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I’m sure you can get us some really fun stuff. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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This isnt so much creative or fun as REALLY USEFUL! I love edge cleaning mode:

RoboVac 30C

Thus room is a pain to vacuum on my own, but Eufy makes it a breeze.

How do we know who got selected for the eufy star post?

We will announce the star post under this thread. :grin:

I wish I had a robovac. Would help with the cat hair and some upkeep

I wish I had a robovac.

When will it take place? Any specific dates? :yum:

This Friday we will select the first star post. So don’t miss out RoboVac owners, we’re looking forward to seeing your videos!:smile:

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I’ll try to upload something. So who won the last week? :yum:

The first star post of eufy RoboVac moments goes to @Raul_Alexandre.

It’s cute to see how @Raul_Alexandre uses the RoboVac to interact with the cat and take care of the pet hair issue as well. :smile_cat:

Congratulations! @Raul_Alexandre Please send me a DM to claim your prize. :partying_face:


Congrats on the win @Raul_Alexandre :clap: :clap:

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Palmas e parabens meu amigo!

I am sure you like the new robot and the “gato” too! :rofl:


Congratulations @Raul_Alexandre!! :smile_cat:

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Obrigado @Chiquinho
I also tried placing my cat on top of the robovac but my cat respects the vacuums :joy:

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