Seeking Beta Testers for Portable Power Station

@AnkerOfficial Applied would love to be able to test! thanks

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Threw my name into the hat. Beta testing is far more my speed than influencing / reviewing.


Ive been waiting to do something like this for so long!! I would love to test this out while camping since we do that almost every other week. We do boon-docking/disbursed camping, so this would be perfect to test out while camping. Applied!!

This is great bringing beta testing back to the community. While I would love to I don’t think I would be the best choice for a portable power station personally. I don’t want to take a chance away from someone who can probably do better so I’ll sit this one out. I would love to test anything else though especially with the launch of ankermake


Applied a while back.


Completed, would love the opportunity. Currently using my 521 to work outside on this gorgeous day.

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I completed as well but do not remember if stated… but sweet beta test…

Whoa – it’s been a while since I’ve been able to beta test for Anker products. Applied.

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Completed :crossed_fingers:

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