Search option on Roav, Eufy, Nebula Sites

Been looking at Anker / Sister brand Sites, and found that only Anker has the search option, the rest of brands do not have a search option to look for products.

Anker: Search option highlighted




How many feel the sites should have a search option, and provide as a feedback to @AnkerOfficial

  • Include Search option on Roav, Eufy, Nebula Product sites
  • No, we can live without it

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We really need this feature. I hope anker integrates it.

But as others have pointed out other times, we really need the website updated to include all the products first.

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There are so many things at the websites which should be updated.
But you know: The everlasting community’s pray mill.:laughing:

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I’m guessing they haven’t given it much though due to the other brand sites having a smaller product range (at present) but a search option is always good :grin: