Samsung Unpacked Feb 11th 2020 7pm GMT OFF TOPIC

Hey guys.
For those that are interested or may not be aware…
Samsung has their annual Unpacked event booked for 7pm GMT 11/02/2020.
I’m certainly keen to see the new flagship Galaxy phone, S11 or S20 whatever the decide to call it.
I’ve already gifted most of my Lightning leads and have bought some new USB-C PowerLines in readiness.

Will you be watching?
Keen to see the new phone line up, wireless buds?

Here’s a link to register your interest.


Hi @ndalby
I nearly put it in this category but wasn’t quite sure.
Knew I’d pick the wrong one :man_facepalming:t2:

No worries fella :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s in my calendar already :+1:
I’m a Galaxy Note fan since the Note 2 but I still like watching and following the launch of the S line too, the S20 Ultra would be my choice, 512gb and 16gb Ram…
Anything new tech gets my attention :blush:

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As much as I’d love the Ultra, it’s (probably) not going to be pocketable enough for me.
I’ll probably get the S20+
Interested to see the Fold too.

Hell yeah I’m gonna try and watch it. I’m excited to the new S20 line. I will have to wait and see how it’s gonna be priced on T-Mobile before I decide to get one

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Cant hide the fact im getting excited about tonight.

Interesting :thinking:

Everything about these phones is already “leaked”. Also the Samsung Z flip will be “announced”.

That being said, I’m taking a late lunch to be able to watch this.

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Hey @TechMan I’ll be watching along with-ya!
Leaks are one thing, but to be selling item/device specific things like cases and screen protectors which must fit perfectly seems a bit risky.
Well, just under an hour to go, let’s see if it brings any surprises.
I’m hoping to see a S11+/S20+ with around a 6-6.2” screen by the end of the month for under £1000, that’ll keep me happy!

Lol these aren’t just “leaks”. I am 100% positive that the “leaks” are completely correct.

And it will be the s20 :wink:

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Think you’re correct.
Reckon manufacturers deliberately leak key bits of info to generate hype.
S20 makes sense for an annual rollout plus it put the model number ahead of iPhone.
Which really doesn’t make any difference but maybe has some kind of subliminal pressure on Apple?

Just a publicity stunt really.

They “accidentally” put a listing on there website. They “accidentally” tweeted about it. They “accidentally” put out a commercial for the Z flip :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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I think this and the imminent iPhone is also causing OnePlus to bring forward the 8

The Z Flip looks AMAZING!

This event is so underwhelming.


Never seen an Unpacked before so not sure what to expect.
But it does feel a little, flat?
Doesn’t seem to be much buzz or excitement.
But saying that im impatient, i just want specs, prices and release dates :joy:

This is what there usually like. Apple events are hands down better (regardless of if you like apple). They just aren’t innovating much this year. Pretty flat

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Have the S20 and S20+ on pre order with Amazon.
I’m thinking the S20+ won’t be pocketable enough for me and ill end up with the S20.

It was a bit of a dead fish alright