Sad sad day 😔

Well my evening just got a lot worse, my powercore 26800 has died :pensive:

It’s gone to battery heaven, after a few days of issues it’s finally given up and the lights have gone. I tried to bring it back with a reset but alas it has charged its last device - which was a friends Samsung phone!! couldn’t have been a decent device lol. It has served me well and will go down in history for all its valiant efforts and quests.

Gone but not forgotten :pray:t2:


Your post on my share makes sense now :+1:t2:

What happened and how are you sure it’s dead dead? Sometimes dead batteries can be revived by using a stronger current to them

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We were just sitting chatting, while he was charging his phone. The battery pack had 3 lights of charge when he started using it, about 20 mins later his phone lit up and it had stopped receiving charge. I told him to press the button to start it, but nothing - no lights no charge.

I reset it and connected it to a couple of my Anker chargers with cables but the lights didn’t come on and it didn’t appear to be taking any charge. I’m gonna try on Saturday when I’m off to leave it on charge for several hours - don’t wanna risk it overnight incase it’s gone faulty.

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Resquiescat in pace.

Do you know were to bury?
No coffin needed! :rofl:

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It may get an autopsy at some stage :muscle:t2:

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How long have you had it?

I think freezing battery’s can help bring them back.?.?. Maybe ask someone who knows what they’re talking about lol.

You can also try charging it for like 24hrs and see what happens. Sometimes they’re not really dead, they just tale a while to bring back.

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Here lies
@k_pug2003’s powercore 26800


Considering the freezer but I can’t remember which battery type it’s meant to work for.

Google might be required