RoboVac Now in Every Walmart Across America | Now $100 OFF (US)

RoboVac Now in Every Walmart Across America | Now $100 OFF


Deal on Robovac 25C for $149.00 (click here)


  • US only.
  • Starts May 12th, 00:00 PT, 2020, and ends May 14th, 23:59 PT, 2020.
  • Quantity is limited.
  • First come, first served.
  • Anker reserves the right of final explanation. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us at
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Shame every Walmart in the UK doesn’t do that deal!
In the UK we don’t have a dedicated/named Walmart store. But they own, via a subsidiary company, a very large chain of supermarkets called Asda.
Just so you know :thinking: but I’m sure you didn’t know or care :rofl:

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I am aware of ASDA in UK, had visited there quite a lot of times, while visiting UK :slight_smile: May be matter of time, before they show-up there … i am pretty sure they would!

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This deal is really not that great. I wouldn’t recommend a robotic vacuum without some sort of intelligent navigation, anyway.

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I love my dumb 11s, it does it’s thing without fail or input - but perhaps I shouldn’t say that to loudly :grimacing:

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